Five Movies to Watch Before the Solar Eclipse

Is there a better way to spend your weekend than with a themed movie marathon? I think not. In honor of the solar eclipse that will be taking place this Monday, here are a few films to really get you into that eclipse spirit. *No special glasses needed.


Since the sun and moon are required for an eclipse, I thought they each deserved their own place on this list. Sunshine, directed by Danny Boyle, is a thriller set in the future about a crew of astronauts tasked with delivering a bomb to the dying sun.


For the other half of the eclipse- this film is about a contractor (Sam Rockwell) stationed by himself on the moon for three years. The film gets increasingly psychological as he deals with his memories and solitude far away from home.

2001: A Space Odyssey

The movie opens on an eclipse (basically) and you might as well stick around and watch the rest of Stanley Kubrick’s classic.


In this Mel Gibson film a solar eclipse plays the hero, saving the main character from becoming a human sacrifice. From there he goes on the run to avoid death and escape Mayan leaders.


Since this movie list has jumped all across time and space, lets head to medieval France for our last eclipse related film. The 80’s fantasy film that involves a bishop, a curse, a wolf, and a hawk. An eclipse plays a role in lives of multiple characters. Check it out!


  1. Do you realize how much happiness I am feeling on account of the fact that Ladyhawke is on this list?

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    1. Haha! I’m glad you appreciate that.

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