Weekly Things

“Weekly Things” is my (semi) weekly post where I talk about the things I’m loving, find interesting, or just feel like sharing. Here’s where my head is at this week: The Dial I reread Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “Self-Reliance” (post coming soon) and did some research on the Transcendentalist movement of the early to mid-1800s. I … More Weekly Things

Weekly Favorites

alt-J’s new album “Relaxer” I’ve been listening to the English indie band’s new album, which came out earlier this month. It’s soft and dark with a variety of sounds and instruments. On their website you can play an interactive game inspired by the album. “Red” by Ramsey Shehadeh I read this short story on Tor.com last … More Weekly Favorites

Newest Findings from NASA’s Juno Mission to Jupiter

Five years after its launch, NASA’s Juno mission entered Jupiter’s orbit and began its approach to the planet’s clouds in July, 2016. NASA has just finished studying the data and images from Juno’s first flyby. The Juno mission is led by the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). “The solar-powered spacecraft’s eight scientific instruments are designed to … More Newest Findings from NASA’s Juno Mission to Jupiter

Weekly Favorites

“The Art of Asterculture” by Sarah Gailey for Tor.com I came across this lovely, whimsical piece last week. Gailey gives instructions on how to make star-wine. If you’re looking to check-out from reality for a few minutes and remember what it is to dream, then give it a read. The xx Last weekend I went … More Weekly Favorites