Newest Findings from NASA’s Juno Mission to Jupiter

Five years after its launch, NASA’s Juno mission entered Jupiter’s orbit and began its approach to the planet’s clouds in July, 2016. NASA has just finished studying the data and images from Juno’s first flyby. The Juno mission is led by the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). “The solar-powered spacecraft’s eight scientific instruments are designed to … More Newest Findings from NASA’s Juno Mission to Jupiter

NASA’s New Missions

On January 4, NASA published a press release, stating that two Discovery Program missions have been chosen that will explore the history of our solar system- essentially meaning they are sending spacecrafts to study asteroids. The mission named Lucy is set to launch in 2021 and will explore six of Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids. The other … More NASA’s New Missions

Earth’s New Friend

Kepler-452b, a planet with many Earth-like characteristics, was captured by the Kepler telescope and discovered by NASA scientists, who are calling it “Earth 2.0”. The planet sits at a similar distance to its star as Earth does to the sun, meaning it could potentially hold liquid water. The planet is quite a bit larger, however. … More Earth’s New Friend