The Best of Bookstagram

Mmmm… books. Even more mmm? Carefully posed and photographed book still lifes on the internet. If you’re like me and you drool over bound paper, then you are probably already familiar with bookstagram- essentially pictures of books on Instagram. I just love the concept of putting books up on a pedestal and creating a little … More The Best of Bookstagram

My “Sky” Themed Dream Loot Crate

I’m stealing this idea from the many other bloggers who have posted their “Dream Loot Crate”. I’ve been receiving the Loot Crate subscription box since January. Loot Crate is geared toward nerdy fandom with different themes every month. I reviewed January’s “Origins” themed crate here. I’ve been enjoying receiving the boxes, it’s like Christmas every … More My “Sky” Themed Dream Loot Crate

Miyazaki Rewatch: Howl’s Moving Castle

If I had to chose a personal favorite among Hayao Miyazaki’s films, it would probably be Howl’s Moving Castle. In fact, it’s a personal all-time favorite film. This was the first Miyazaki film that I saw, freshman year of college, and watching Howl’s, a door opened and I couldn’t consume Miyazaki’s works fast enough. Rewatching it a few … More Miyazaki Rewatch: Howl’s Moving Castle