What is a Lonescapade?


Solo trip to Charleston

A good question. Besides a word I made up, a lonescapade is freedom and self-reliance. It’s about taking yourself on an adventure and letting your curiosity be your guide. A lonescapade means telling yourself that your inner desires are being heard and attended to. It’s about saying yes to the life you want.

I recently decided to make some changes to Loner Shark in terms of content. I have been feeling that I need to put more of myself into this blog and really write what I want to write. So, I’ve been doing some soul searching and pushing myself to look inside and figure out what I really want to talk about here.

The idea of being alone is about giving myself what I need. I’m an introvert and though I have many friends and my social life is important to me, taking time for solitude is just as important. I figured out a long time ago that I’m about 30/70 in terms of being social in my free time. Thirty percent of my free time (not working or doing other commitments) I like to spend with my friends, family, partying, going to social events, while about seventy percent of the time I like to be by myself.

Now, this ratio does not always come to fruition, in fact most weeks it doesn’t. I prefer to think of it on a monthly basis. Was I burnt out this month from too much social interaction? Did I have too little? At this point in my life, my friends and I usually make plans a week or so in advance, so I can pretty easily schedule when I get my alone time around these events. Of course, life isn’t much fun without spontaneity, so when things pop up that excite me, I adjust.

I work in a very collaborative environment. I talk to people all day long. Sometimes I consider my work social because I have a lot of work friends. I actually like this social work environment because sometimes it’s just enough for me. When I need more socializing, I ask my friends to hang out. It’s pretty simple.

Back to the topic at hand- lonescapades. Take yourself on an adventure. Wander. Don’t answer to anyone but yourself and go where you want to go. Explore your interests.

I took my first big lonescapade back in March, when I went to Charleston, SC for a few days by myself. There was no reason for me to go, other than I wanted to visit. I stayed in a little inn and spent my time walking, looking at the beautiful houses, shopping, and eating good food. It was great.

I take little lonescapades on a daily basis. One of my favorite ways to spend my days off is to just wander around town, write, take myself to a movie (I love going to the movies alone), read a book, find a trail to run on, or whatever takes my fancy, just putter around as I see fit. I’m very skilled at puttering.

  1. Sometimes I don’t understand how people could enjoy their food when they’re busy talking or listening or discussing with others. I can’t truly savor the good flavor in my mouth except when I’m eating alone.
    It’s similar with watching a movie. I enjoy doing it by myself because I don’t want to spoil my delight for a film just because my companion who has different taste doesn’t share my good impression of it.

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    1. Thanks for your insight. I also love watching movies alone.



  2. […] for it. I’ve also been focusing on content that is more personal to me, doing a number of Lonescapades this year, posts I’ve enjoyed sharing as a way of embracing solo experiences and the fun that […]



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