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Thoughts on Doctor Strange

I saw Doctor Strange over the weekend, the newest addition to the Marvel movie universe. I’m not going to lie, these Marvel movies are beginning to get monotonous for me. How many twenty minute, CGI, multi-character battle sequences do I really need to see? Doctor Strange offered a break from the many-character films that Marvel has released lately ...


The Ways I love Each Adapted Elizabeth Bennet

Elizabeth Bennet- not only does she have the best forename in existence (I might be biased), she is also one of the most beloved heroines of classic literature. Somehow Elizabeth has stood against time as an adored protagonist and as she continues to be adapted in various media forms (comics, webseries, movies), I never tire of her. ...


Best King Arthur Adaptations

It’s pretty amazing that the King Arthur legends have been around for about fifteen centuries- entertaining global audiences for nine- and still hold up today. Storytellers have drawn out many narratives from Arthurian legends, using various character point of views and a variety of mediums. Next year a new Arthurian film is set to release, ...


Suicide Squad isn’t great, but hopefully we’ll get a Harley Quinn movie

Watching Suicide Squad over the weekend took me back to my film school days, when we would watch edits of our classmates films and address story and continuity issues. If Suicide Squad screened in front of my professors, they would ask the same question: What’s the inciting incident? To this David Ayer and Warner Bros. ...


Spielberg Directing Ready Player One: My Entire Life Has Built Up to this Moment

Ernest Cline’s breakout novel, an ejaculation of everything nerds could ever wish for in one place, is set to be adapted into a film under the direction of Steven Spielberg. Spielberg is a breakout director whose previous credits include some relatively unknown titles like, Indiana Jones, Jaws, E.T., and Jurassic Park. Ready Player One takes place in ...


Upcoming Feature Documentary PLANETARY Based on this Short

The upcoming feature film PLANETARY will give a perspective on space, culture, and the environment from an astronaut’s point of view, looking down on Earth from above. Read more about the film in this article from


Environment in Science-Fiction: A look at The Windup Girl, Dune, and Interstellar

Environment has long been a popular topic in science-fiction. Setting is a huge part of SF, so it’s no surprise that the environment and different kinds of environment recurs as a topic. In the past year, I read Dune and The Windup Girl and, of course, Interstellar arrived on the big screen. In all three stories environment ...


The Imitation Game

I had looked forward to The Imitation Game for a while, hearing the good reviews and the Oscar whispers. Plus there’s nothing like a limited theatrical release that gives the mouse-dangling-in-front-of-cat effect, making us crave what we cannot have. Well, now we have it, as The Imitation Game has hit wide release. My two math-nerd friends ...


Into the Woods Review

Into the Woods took me on a fantastical adventure through many timeless fairy tales with added twists and turns. I went into the movie knowing pretty well what to expect, though I did find myself wondering if my fellow audience members knew prior that it was a musical. Not a typical Disney musical that includes a ...


Netflix Pick: Knights of Badassdom

So, I recently watched this little cult-y piece of nerdom on Netflix the other day. Knights of Badassdom is an (very obviously) independent film from B-movie director Joe Lynch. This movie is good and bad and good, in a bad way. The cast contains some surprisingly big names, including Summer Glau and Peter Dinklage.