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In Honor of International Women’s Day, My Favorite Scene From My Favorite Czech New Wave Film

Most are probably familiar with the 1960s French New Wave film movement popularized by Jean-Luc Godard. Around the same era there was a similar movement happening in Czechoslovakia, when films arose with loose narrative structures and absurd situations. Pioneer female filmmaker Věra Chytilová made Daisies in 1966 about two teenage girls behaving badly. The film ...

A Brief History of My Career Ambitions

At some point during my childhood I realized that I needed a career. I needed a career I felt passionate about. I mean, what was the point otherwise? To live a boring life, doing things that meant nothing to me? That was not an option. I became determined to find the thing that made me tick, ...


Upcoming Feature Documentary PLANETARY Based on this Short

The upcoming feature film PLANETARY will give a perspective on space, culture, and the environment from an astronaut’s point of view, looking down on Earth from above. Read more about the film in this article from space.com