This Past Week’s Top Science News

Bat Dinosaur

In this article, io9 talks about a new fossil with a bone similar to a bone in bat wings that was discovered by scientists in northern china.

Tesla Battery

Car makers, Tesla, have unveiled a new battery for consumers based on the ones they put in their electric cars. The battery stores solar energy and has the potential to change home energy storage.

The Progress of Progress 59

Russia lost control of its cargo craft Progress 59 this past week. The craft was carrying food and supplies to the International Space Station. Now the craft is orbiting Earth on its own accord and will eventually fall back to Earth. Here, you can stay updated through NASA’s blog.

Star Wars X-Wing Launch

Check out this video on of a model X-Wing that was launched into near space by two fans.

Commercial Space Flight Testing

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has begun test-launches for his private space-flight company Blue Origin. Check Time’s article.

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