Dragon Con 2016


Holding up my badge!

This post is about a week late, but I wanted to say something about my Dragon Con experience this year and how much I love this con!!

Now my fourth year attending the annual Atlanta convention, this year was a very different experience than previous years. For one thing, the past two years I had films that screened in the Dragon Con Independent Film Festival, so a good bit of my time revolved around film stuff, but this year I did not. Also, I didn’t attend a single panel this year. Not one!

Dragon Con is held every year in Downtown Atlanta over Labor Day weekend. According to the AJC, this year the Con brought 77,000 people to the city. It brings fans across many genres to one place, where celebrities speak at panels, along with experts of many topics and genres from film to Doctor Who to tabletop games to conspiracy theories.

This year I spent more time walking around, seeing costumes, hanging out with friends, and enjoying some of Dragon Con’s nightlife, which meant lots of dancing. Overall, it was a fun year, if a little disorganized on my part.


Lady Stormtroopers!


A bunch of Ricks’



The Goblin King and Sarah from “The Labyrinth”


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