Lonescapade: Discovering Atlanta’s Northside Trail

I moved to a new apartment in Atlanta a few weeks ago, near the Collier Hills neighborhood. For me, moving means exploring and making a new community my own. The Northside Trail, part of the Atlanta BeltLine, is about half a mile from my new digs and it has become part of my walks and runs. The trail itself is about a mile long. I’ve been enjoying it, so scenic that I forget I’m in the middle of the city. Also, it tends to be less crowded than the BeltLine’s popular Eastside Trail.


I access the trails from Tanyard Creek Park, a historic park that was part of the Battle of Peachtree Creek during the Civil War.


The Northside Trail runs along Tanyard Creek. There are a number of little parks, fields, and playgrounds along the way. You’ll find a lot of dogs and kids. There’s also a “wildlife habitat”, which, from what I could tell, seemed to be for birds and squirrels .

Every posting I’ve found on the Northside Trail includes a picture of this tunnel pass under the railway. I figured I would too.


The trail has a number of bridges over the creek and it is canopied with many trees. There is also an extension trial- Northside Spur Trail, which wraps around the Bitsy Grant Tennis Center.


Another entrance to the trail is Ardmore Park, where you’ll find this Little Free Library.

The Northside Trail is also accessible from Goodson Lane, right off Peachtree Road near Colonial Homes.

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