Weekly Favorites

The Art of Asterculture” by Sarah Gailey for Tor.com

I came across this lovely, whimsical piece last week. Gailey gives instructions on how to make star-wine. If you’re looking to check-out from reality for a few minutes and remember what it is to dream, then give it a read.

The xx

Last weekend I went to Atlanta’s Shaky Knees Music Festival and saw a number of great bands, including The xx. I’ve been listening to them a lot recently. This electronic-pop group has a modern sound with 80’s punk influences.


Alien: Covenant

I saw the newest installment to the Alien franchise over the weekend. The original Alien will always be my favorite of the films, it’s just such a perfect narrative, but I did enjoy Covenant. I thought this movie trumped its predecessor, Prometheus, which had a bit of a clunky arc. Covenant is a much smoother story with a lot of heart and depth, posing questions about life and creation.


John Muir

I started Muir’s My First Summer in the Sierra this week, which had been sitting on my bookshelf for years. Spring is a perfect time to read one of America’s most iconic naturalists, when it can be enjoyed on a bench or stump or swing outside. Muir writes with such clean and beautiful prose, it’s easy to pour over his tale and imagine his simple way of living among nature.

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