Monthly Wrap: October 2017

“Monthly Wrap” is my monthly post about the things I’m loving, find interesting, or just feel like sharing. In other words, whatever happens to be taking up space in my brain. Here’s where my head has been recently:

NaNoWriMo prep month

October was spent prepping for National Novel Writing Month, November’s annual writing marathon. This will be my second time participating in NaNoWriMo and I’m feeling very prepared!

Dr. Jart+ Cicapair ™ Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment

I’ve been investing in skincare the past few months and hunting for new makeup products to best fit my skin. The treatment from Dr. Jart+ nearly eliminates redness in my skin and I’ve started using this instead of foundation for a more natural look. It goes on green and fades to beige as you blend it.

Diving into the New York Public Library Digital Collections

I’ve recently been sifting through various digital archives, including the New York Public Library’s. I can get lost diving into these collections, finding remnants of the past, which are now available to the average web surfer.

I especially love the Photographs of Japan series:

Tea Time

American Eagle Mom Jeans

A little late to the bandwagon, but I just jumped on and I’m digging mom jeans right now. They are far more comfortable than skinny jeans and I’m okay with a waist sitting at my navel.

All Hallows’ Eve

Woodland Fairy costume

Halloween is the greatest. We all know it’s true. I went as a Woodland Fairy!

Madewell T-Shirts

I’m really enjoying these Madewell v-neck pocket tees with rich colors and quality weaving at just $19.50.

  1. Great blog post this month, loved it!

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    1. Thank you! So glad you enjoyed it.



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