Recycled Metal Sculptures in Las Vegas

Their website advertises crystals, gemstones, fossils and exotic belts under the logo, but Kalifano in Las Vegas offers something even more unique- although, to be honest, they had me at “fossils”.

Founded in 1912, Kalifano brings rare and novelty items to Las Vegas shoppers via their stores in The Venetian at the Grand Canal Shoppes and The Forum Shops at Caesars. However, what first caught my eye was the large yellow robot with a very destructive-looking gun for an arm in the middle of St. Mark’s Square at The Venetian.

The company makes custom one-of-a-kind sculptures from recycled metal. These novelty figures range from original concepts to well-known pop culture characters, like Darth Vader and Michael Jackson. Sizes vary from tiny desk ornaments to you-better-have-vaulted-ceilings.

Below is a metal dragon in The Venetian looking ritzy under the crystal chandeliers.

Kalifano also makes these sculptures in the form of eclectic wall art- seen below with some aquatic fossils. The stores and website offer unique items beyond these metal figures (and fossils) as well, including beautifully crafted gemstone globes and unusual jewelry and home decor.

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