Monthly Wrap: November 2018

Monthly Wrap is my monthly post about recent happenings and things I’m loving or just feel like sharing. In other words, whatever happens to be taking up space in my brain. Here’s where my head has been lately:

Thanksgiving in Savannah

This year I spent Thanksgiving with immediate and extended family in Savannah, Georgia. My grandmother’s birthday happened to fall on Thanksgiving this year, making it extra special.

She-Ra and the Princess of Power

My new favorite animated series, this reboot premiered on Netflix this month. This show has the ultimate female powerhouse of heroines, set in a captivating world of magic and adventure. It’s like Sailor Moon for a 2018 audience. I cannot wait to see where this series goes.



I’ve been captivated by creative non-fiction in recent weeks, from Henry David Thoreau’s essay “Autumnal Tints”, which I posted the other day, to essay collections. I’m currently reading Rachel Z. Arndt’s Beyond Measure, a book of essays with measurement and numbers in daily life as the thematic through-line.

Holiday Decor

Well, it’s now post-Thanksgiving season, which means time to bust out the Christmas/holiday decorations. My house is already sparkling with festive items and, not gonna lie, I’m pretty proud of my holiday touches. Even the dog has donned a Christmas sweater.

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