NYD 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

We are officially in the middle of December, meaning it’s time to put a pause on Netflix holiday movie watching and finish up last minute gift shopping. Our friends and family each have their own interests, from the bookish to science lovers to outdoorsy types. Neptune Your Dial has compiled a list for your siblings, librarian, coworkers or- heck, you’ve worked hard this year- even yourself! Then, you can get back to watching The Christmas Chronicles, decking the halls and hauling out holly.

Classic Literature Fans

Jane Eyre gift box from Literary Emporium


Peter Pan tote from Storiarts


Puppet Masters

The Dark Crystal: The Ultimate Visual History from ThinkGeek


Nature Lovers

National Parks poster from Parks Project


Science Aficionados

Winter Solstice t-shirt from ThinkGeek


Night Readers

Folding book lamp from Amazon


The Perpetually Cold

Unicorn Light-Up slippers from ThinkGeek


Poetry Geeks Who Like Surprises

The visually reimagined Classics Collection from Obvious State- pre-order book No. 5 from their Blind Date series for a surprise!


Have a gift recommendation for one of the above categories? Leave a comment!


  1. […] I hate to say it, but I’m still Christmas shopping (and checking Amazon delivery updates). Hoping to reconcile that over the next couple days. If you still need last minute gifts for friends or family, check out NYD’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide. […]



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