Neptune Your Dial is a blog dedicated to creative and deliberate living. NYD discusses books, nostalgia, science, pop culture and finds little havens within this crazy world- be that a trail through the woods, a shop full of novelties or a cozy library.

For all inquiries, email: neptuneyourdial@gmail.com


Editor, Writer, Neptunian

I fancy myself something of a Jo March meets Indiana Jones, Elizabeth Bennet meets Allan Quatermain, Anne Shirley meets Lara Croft. The fact that this fancy has little footing in reality, I prefer not to think about. Mostly bookish and a little bit adventurous, I’m here to bring you content on literature, deliberate living and things I find on my adventures- be that by land, sea or uncharted corners of the internet.   


Here are a few of my favorite things: science-fiction, classic literature, stargazing, feminism, solitude and antiques.

I blog, write fiction and make TV. My other writing credits include CNN.com and Creative Loafing.

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