‘Homeland’ Season Four (spoilers (tiny ones))

I just watched the first episode of “Homeland” season four, or two part episode, The Drone Queen and Trylon and Perisphere, which count as the first two episodes. Hope that’s sufficiently confusing. I didn’t get into “Homeland” until this year (and when I did, I promptly watched the first three seasons in a span of about two weeks). I really enjoy this show, especially the lead character Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes), a literally crazy CIA agent. She’s the kind of character who makes some good choices, some bad choices, she’s mostly a good person, though you sometimes question her moral compass, and she has a whole lot of issues and baggage. She’s a character with depth and that’s what I like.

The first episode, as the title suggests, was pretty drone-y and Carrie is now stationed in Afghanistan, not Istanbul, where she was heading at the end of season three. I assume to keep up with the current terrorist climate in the Middle East. These “two” episodes left me a little wanting. Normally I forgive first episodes for lack of story in favor of exposition to set up future episodes. These episodes did none of those things. I’ve been looking forward to the new season, frankly because there’s no more Brody (played by Damian Lewis). No offense, Brody, but that love affair was getting old, three seasons of “will they? won’t they?” is two too many in my opinion. Not to mention focusing on one terrorist group in a show about the CIA seems a bit limited. But that’s enough ranting, The Drone Queen and Trylon and Perisphere focused on Carrie’s and Quinn’s (Rupert Friend) personal and emotional issues, with Carrie’s new baby and Quinn’s many ethical dilemmas (also what’s with always calling dudes by their last name in this show?). Rumors about Quinn and Carrie becoming love interests are already sweeping the inter-webs, we’ll have to see, but I have a feeling new baby issues are going to be a running theme.

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