Monthly Wrap: July 2017

So… “Weekly Things” began feeling excessive, thus I’m reorganizing and launching “Monthly Wrap”.

This is my new monthly post where I talk about the things I’m loving, find interesting, or just feel like sharing. In other words, whatever happens to be taking up space in my brain. Here’s where my head has been recently:

Ready Player One trailer dropped!!!

I spy an Iron Giant! I cannot wait for Ready Player One‘s release next year. Check out this post I wrote on the film and my nostalgia-driven excitement.

Moving and his friend, Hell

My lease is up on my apartment next week and I finally nailed down a new spot! It has been a challenge and dealing with landlords often comes with difficulties, but it’s a relief to have it figured out. Now, it’s time to pack… uh, I think I have too much stuff.

Turning 29

Another year has come and gone. I turned 29 in July and my thirties are coming for me (out of nowhere- how did this happen?). My plan for the year is to get healthy, travel, and put my passions in focus, so that I can enter the next decade feeling good. I’m at a point in my career where I can slow down a little and think about where I see myself. I’m looking forward to a little self-discovery.

Obsessing over French beauty culture

I’m a bit of a Francophile and with my recent Birthday, I felt that I need to start taking better care of my skin. My obsession with the French in general is an ongoing battle that comes and goes. I’ve been tuning into various YouTube channels on the topic of French beauty and skin care, especially violette_fr, a French makeup artist with tutorials on skin care and makeup, shot around Paris with an arty vibe.

Blade Runner 2049

Not completely sure what’s happening in this trailer, but it has Harrison Ford, replicants, and flying cars, so I’ll probably be entertained.


I took a trip out west a few weeks ago and explored Denver, Golden, Boulder, and the Rockies. I haven’t traveled much since the beginning of the year and this trip was a great reminder to make time for travel- somehow that’s always the effect. Check out my photo series on Colorado!

Advanced bookshelf-ing

With my upcoming move, I’ve started to think about decorating and furniture layout. One of my favorite ways to decorate is with my books. It has always been a great way to make a previously-read (or to-be-read) book useful. Plus, when I’m at home, I can look around, surrounded by posterity, and think about my favorite stories. Here is a great post from Apartment Therapy on book displays.

Dreaming up my next travel destination

Here are some places I’ve been mentally exploring:

-Messy Nessy Chic posted this nostalgia-filled piece on an African safari camp that would make Ernest Hemingway proud.

-Lake District, England– I stumbled upon a story on Lake District somewhere in the vast internet. I can’t remember where, but it is now my mission to see it in person. For now, I have to settle for viewing this awesome Instagram page. Fun fact: Beatrix Potter lived in Lake District.

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