Lonescapade: Into the foothills of the Rockies

On an overcast day, during my recent trip to Colorado, I took some time to myself and went for a walk into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Lakewood, where we stayed.

When I arrived in Denver and asked our host for the week where exactly he lived in the area, he said- “The foothills”. The idea of referring to your home as “in the foothills” seemed incredibly romantic and storybook-like to me. Staying in his home and seeing these foothills, the itch of going to explore and greet them began to crawl on my skin.

It was toward the end of our stay and I had yet to put my own two feet across that surrounding green Earth. Most of my group decided to take a drive into the city. I used the time for a short hike on a trail that winds up a nearby hill and as I climbed the view became more beautiful.

The Rockies have a pull- a memorizing effect that holds the eye. I saw the mountains grow and tumble around me through the trip and wanted to get to know them.

The community where we stayed in Lakewood was modeled after an Italian villa, which made the view that much more intriguing.

My little journey of about three miles turned into a photo session as I attempted to capture that scenic memory.

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