Monthly Wrap: August 2017

“Monthly Wrap” is my new monthly post where I talk about the things I’m loving, find interesting, or just feel like sharing. In other words, whatever happens to be taking up space in my brain. This one is a bit late, but I’ve had a lot of life stuff to take care of lately. Here’s where my head has been recently:

“Game of Thrones” Season 7

The new season came to an end and a lot of people seem to have feelings it. While the quality of the show may have dipped in recent seasons as the producers bring the show to a close, it is still excited to see where the narrative will go. There were some big reveals this season in Rhaegar and Lyanna’s marriage and the drama that we know will unfold between Jon Snow and Daenerys. Now we all have to grumble and wait almost a year and a half for the final season, which might release in 2018.

“Will” and all things Shakespeare

I watched TNT’s new-ish drama “Will” recently, about the life of young William Shakespeare as he leaves Anne Hathaway to move to London and pursue a career as a playwright. Overall the show left something to be desired, especially toward the end when the story had little to do with his actual career and more to do with the invented drama of the series. There were still some fun moments, though, and I enjoyed the first few episodes, which were more about Shakespeare writing and creating.

Watching the show inspired me to brush up on my Shakespearean reading. I’m currently enjoying “A Midsummer’s Night Dream”- what a wordsmith and master weaver of plot.


I took a trip over Labor Day weekend to Charleston, South Carolina with a group of women for a bachelorette party. We stayed in a lovely house on the beach and enjoyed a few days of fun and relaxation- just what I needed.

Writing Daily Pages

Inspired by Morning Pages- the challenge of writing 3 pages stream of consciousness every morning as a creative boost- I decided to take up a similar habit and free write 3 pages a day in a notebook, morning or not. As a creative writer, I have found this process beneficial and liberating. While with Morning Pages, the purpose is more of a journal, I chose to write about my life, fiction, or poetry. Recently, I have been free writing the start of a novel.

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