A Hidden Coffee Shop Haven on the Chattahoochee

The Chattahoochee Coffee Company– a coffee shop right off the Chattahoochee River in North Atlanta- has a backyard that feels like a mix between a secret garden and Middle-Earth. The shop is nestled in the Walton on the Chattahoochee apartment community, which only allows nonresidents access during the week. When I arrived at the gate to the complex, there were special instructions to call the coffee shop from the call box and say “coffee” to enter, like a password to a caffeine-providing speakeasy for nature lovers.

After taking the last parking spot (surprising for a place so secluded and under-promoted), I followed a staircase down to the coffee shop/leasing office and grabbed a latte before going outside.

The cafe has a back porch that opens to an expansive field and wide open view of the river. There are a number of places to sit and enjoy a peaceful meditation on the water scattered around the property.

Beyond the field, I followed a little path into a wooded area (topography typical of the Chattahoochee parks area) with a short walking trail, dotted with benches, seats and swings for a rest.

My favorite feature was staircases leading to chairs for an overlooking view of the river. I felt like I had be dropped somewhere in Middle Earth with the stone steps and exposed-wood rails.

I found a perch for scenic latte sipping.

You know, just a stone staircase leading to a secluded bench. What could be more perfect?

The Chattahoochee Coffee Company provided a fanciful, picturesque solo excursion for the day. I plan on returning during the week for writing sessions with a view.

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