This Week in Liz: The thief of joy

I’ve found myself comparing my life to others a lot recently. I am, of course, aware of how unproductive this is, but I’m used to knowing the trajectory of my life- or at least the desired outcome.

Recently, however, I’ve felt a little lost. Whenever I ask myself what I want to do next in my career, I come up short. I don’t know what I want and it’s scary. Maybe that’s why I’ve succumbed to comparison. I see people on Facebook achieving dreams, publishing books, and making new strides in their career and I feel jealous, wishing I had done those things. Then I remember- I don’t want to write that book or move up in a law firm or have whatever they have because that is not my life and that is not my dream.

When you’re used to constantly looking to the future and striving for the next promotion or degree, whatever the goal, it can be hard to step back and be thankful for what you already have. I have a comfortable job in television production, a job that I worked hard to land, and I have this blog and my writing projects. That’s actually a pretty full life. All I can really do is trust my abilities and rely on myself enough to continue on a path that fulfills me. I’m not entirely sure what my life’s purpose is yet or my ultimate dream job, but at least I’m asking myself what those things are and eventually I’ll find the answer.

Now, let’s address the question my regular Neptune Your Dial readers are probably asking- Where did this come from? This post is quite different from the typical content I post, but that’s the idea. I recently watched Brené Brown’s TED Talk on vulnerability and I was inspired, if you can’t tell. I’ve been wanting to make NYD more personal and bring more of my life onto the pages here, so I’m starting with regular “This Week in Liz” posts to update you on me, my life, and things on my radar as well as get a little soulful.

Let me know what you think in the comments and any suggestions for improvement.

In other news:

May is Short Story Month– I was not aware until a few days ago- but I’m excited because I love writing and reading short stories. I’ve been thinking about a post to do in honor of Short Story Month and, well, I’m still thinking. In the meantime, I found this free short story guide from Signature, you just have to hand over your ever-coveted email address.

I’ve been consuming a lot of content from podcaster and YouTuber Lavendaire. She talks about personal growth, pursuing passions, and productivity. I find her content very inspiring as well as helpful.

Just bought a plane ticket to Boston for my Birthday, which is a couple months away! I’m very excited and already planning some tours for future posts- my hope is to see a lot of literary sites.

While we’re on the subject of literary Boston, PBS’s miniseries adaptation of Little Women premieres this weekend! One of my favorite classic novels.

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