Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival

During my trip to Walt Disney World in March, I had the pleasure of attending the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival. It was the cherry-on-top to an already great trip. In its 25th year, this annual festival brings springtime flora and fauna to Epcot visitors in Orlando.

Complete with garden displays and unique organic features, the festival is a multi-sensory experience on a pretty epic scale. Epcot already provides a lot, in terms of experience, from rides to restaurants to a tour of the globe, the flowers and beautiful plant life add another layer to explore as you globe-trot.

My home in Atlanta was still experiencing some rather chilly weather  in March (nothing compared to some parts of the country). The festival provided an immersive taste of warmer days to come with the grounds covered in vibrant flowers and leafy plants, landscaped to serve a full feast for the eyes.

These botanical designs include topiary sculptures of Disney characters, like the romantic display above of Belle and the Beast in the French section of the park.

In addition to the various gardens and living displays through the park, the festival also brings out specialty food and drink via outdoor kitchens, merchants and special-edition T-shirts.

A highlight of the festival is the “The Goodness Garden Butterfly House”, a sanctuary for butterflies and organic life. I probably could have spent an entire day in the butterfly garden, watching the winged creatures flutter around.

For plant-lovers and anyone with a green thumb, Epcot’s International Flower & Garden Festival is worth the experience during your Walt Disney World trip- going on now through May 28, 2018.


*For more photos from the Flower & Garden Festival, check out my instagram!

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