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Recent Reading

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms In this first book of The Inheritance Trilogy fantasy series by N.K. Jemisin, the story follows Yeine Derr, who finds herself one of three possible heirs in line for the throne to rule the Hundred Thousand Kingdoms. Coming from the barbaric lands of the north to the elegant kingdom of Sky, where she ...


Short Story Pick: This Wanderer, in the Dark of the Year

As someone who works in the news business and loves science-fiction, it delights me when I see the two brought together. This Wanderer, in the Dark of the Year by Kris Millering, follows a journalist who is captured in the field, while covering a story on an unidentified spaceship. She also struggles with her relationship. ...


Earth’s New Friend

Kepler-452b, a planet with many Earth-like characteristics, was captured by the Kepler telescope and discovered by NASA scientists, who are calling it “Earth 2.0”. The planet sits at a similar distance to its star as Earth does to the sun, meaning it could potentially hold liquid water. The planet is quite a bit larger, however. ...


Happy Birthday, Nellie Bly

Today is the 151st birthday of muckraker journalist Nellie Bly. Google has put up an animated video on their website with Karen O singing in the background as a tribute  to Bly’s trailblazing career as a  journalist who went undercover, traveled the world, and gave a voice to those in need.


This Past Week’s Top Science News

Bat Dinosaur In this article, io9 talks about a new fossil with a bone similar to a bone in bat wings that was discovered by scientists in northern china. Tesla Battery Car makers, Tesla, have unveiled a new battery for consumers based on the ones they put in their electric cars. The battery stores solar energy and ...


Upcoming Feature Documentary PLANETARY Based on this Short

The upcoming feature film PLANETARY will give a perspective on space, culture, and the environment from an astronaut’s point of view, looking down on Earth from above. Read more about the film in this article from


Vikings Season Three Finale

Spoilers ahead. All of them. The season three finale of History Channel’s Vikings premiered last Thursday with The Dead. In this final episode we found some closure to the Paris invasion, though much is still left hanging, and Ragnar Lothbrok died, but turned out to be fooling everyone, or at least everyone important besides his son.


Environment in Science-Fiction: A look at The Windup Girl, Dune, and Interstellar

Environment has long been a popular topic in science-fiction. Setting is a huge part of SF, so it’s no surprise that the environment and different kinds of environment recurs as a topic. In the past year, I read Dune and The Windup Girl and, of course, Interstellar arrived on the big screen. In all three stories environment ...


Saga, Volume IV

Volume four of the graphic novel series Saga came out in December of last year. I had been patiently waiting its arrival and crossing my fingers, hoping author Brian K. Vaughan would continue to deliver great story with illustrator Fiona Staples. They did just that. When I first began the Saga series last year, Volume One immediately ...


True Detective Season Two Trailer

The trailer for True Detective season two has been released and it looks oh so broody and dramatic. The teaser doesn’t give much info, but it does give us a glimpse into the characters played by big name actors Rachel McAdams, Colin Farrell, and Vince Vaughn. Looks like this season will bring the same dark ...