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New Fb Page and +100 WordPress Followers

I’m hitting a couple blog milestones this week, reaching over 100 WordPress followers and I finally setup a Facebook page for Neptune Your Dial. Growing this blog has been a process, from which I’ve learned much. Thanks for all your support! Connect with my via Facebook at

New Blog Title!

So, for the past two and a half years my blog has been “Loner Shark”. That was a great name for a while and I associate it with my entrance into the blogging world and the start of this blog, however for some time now that just hasn’t felt like an appropriate title. It was ...


Happy Birthday, Nellie Bly

Today is the 151st birthday of muckraker journalist Nellie Bly. Google has put up an animated video on their website with Karen O singing in the background as a tribute  to Bly’s trailblazing career as a  journalist who went undercover, traveled the world, and gave a voice to those in need.

T Posts Readers’ Favorite Short Fiction of the Year

I love writing and reading Sci-fi/Fantasy short stories, so I thought I’d post Tor’s list of the best of 2014, based on responses from their Twitter followers. Find the good reads here.


Two songs from upcoming Into the Woods released

I’m getting very excited for the Christmas day release of Into the Woods, the upcoming Disney musical. The other day I watched the recorded ’80’s Broadway version staring Bernadette Peters. At first a bit worried it might spoil the film, it actually made me that much more excited. Unlike some, I think this is a ...


Star Wars, Jurassic World, and Pan Trailers

Some pretty exciting movie trailers have come out over the past couple weeks, along with many fake trailers. Having been a huge Peter Pan fan my whole life, dating back to the live action filmed Broadway production that I watched as a kid on a regular basis, I’m pretty much all over anything related to ...


Saga: Volumes I-III

Last week I finished reading Volumes I-III of the Saga graphic novel series by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Fiona Staples. It has been a while since I’ve read a graphic novel, but this series has inspired me to remember how great the storytelling can be.


Favorite Movie Titles

As a sucker for words and adamant believer in judging a movie by its title (ditto books and pretty much everything else), I decided a good way to kick off this blog was to list my favorite film titles: