Recurring Characteristics in Dystopian Universes

Gray skied, desperate worlds have filled movie screens and literature more and more over the past few years. At this point when I think about these dystopian, bordering on apocalyptic, settings, I have a pretty distinct idea of what they look like. The details and aesthetics of these stories seem to repeat themselves. Here’s a glance ...


The Imitation Game

I had looked forward to The Imitation Game for a while, hearing the good reviews and the Oscar whispers. Plus there’s nothing like a limited theatrical release that gives the mouse-dangling-in-front-of-cat effect, making us crave what we cannot have. Well, now we have it, as The Imitation Game has hit wide release. My two math-nerd friends ...


New and Upcoming Sci-Fi TV

Sci-Fi is making a comeback to the small screen, after a bit of a lull. Movies have been blowing up with titles like Interstellar, Big Hero 6, Hunger Games, and the upcoming Jupiter Ascending over the past year, but we haven’t seen much in the way of television. Now, we’ve got some shows to look forward to again. ...


Black Sails Returns Saturday

Season 2 of Starz’s Black Sails returns to television this Saturday, January 24. I’m looking forward to more swords, boats, and backstabbing (both literally and not). We’ll see if Captain Flint and his crew get any closer to the coveted Urca de Lima Spanish galleon.   


New York Nerdom

I spent MLK weekend in New York City with friends. The climate shock coming from Atlanta was great, and the fact that it rained all Sunday didn’t help, but we toughed it out, tramping all over the city, seeing a few key sights in our limited time. We decided the need for sleep would not have ...


Marvel’s Agent Carter Does It Right

Tuesday’s two-part premiere of the new Marvel series Agent Carter brought everything you’d want from a female led Marvel television show set in the 1940s, including Captain America and some serious spy action.


Galavant Episodes One and Two

ABC’s new four week mini-series Galavant premiered this past Sunday, an ambitious musical-comedy that will total eight episodes. It’s basically Monty Python meets a Disney musical (well, one of the more modern Disney musicals), which makes sense because it was created by Tangled screenwriter Dan Fogelman with music by recurring Disney composer Alan Menken. I would ...


Friends is now on Netflix, or Why couldn’t it be Seinfeld?

Friends is now on Netflix, but why couldn’t it be Seinfeld? We’ll get all the great moments of Phoebe, Monica, Rachel, Ross, Chandler, and that guy Matt LeBlanc plays, but why couldn’t it be Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, and George? Every episode of a show about a group of pals, but why couldn’t it be a ...


Into the Woods Review

Into the Woods took me on a fantastical adventure through many timeless fairy tales with added twists and turns. I went into the movie knowing pretty well what to expect, though I did find myself wondering if my fellow audience members knew prior that it was a musical. Not a typical Disney musical that includes a ...


Tor.com Posts Readers’ Favorite Short Fiction of the Year

I love writing and reading Sci-fi/Fantasy short stories, so I thought I’d post Tor’s list of the best of 2014, based on responses from their Twitter followers. Find the good reads here.

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