Japan Welcomes the 2020 Olympics with Mario and Other Characters

As the Rio Olympic games came to an end last night during the closing ceremonies, the torch was passed from Brazil to Japan. Tokyo will host the 2020 Olympic games and they are already getting us hyped. Japan’s video for their upcoming Olympics gave spotlight to Hello Kitty, Pac Man, and Mario. We also learned that ...


Made it Stranger with “Stranger Things” Font

Having fun with the “Stranger Things” font generator this morning. Make your own strange font phrases at makeitstranger.com.

Latest and Greatest Science News

I scoured the internet and found the best science articles of the past week. Here’s what I came back with: Heatwave Killing Marine Life – wired.com The Climate Desk put out this article on recent marine heatwaves that began in 2011, areas of abnormally hot water on America’s Pacific Coast, and Australia getting hit in ...


Suicide Squad isn’t great, but hopefully we’ll get a Harley Quinn movie

Watching Suicide Squad over the weekend took me back to my film school days, when we would watch edits of our classmates films and address story and continuity issues. If Suicide Squad screened in front of my professors, they would ask the same question: What’s the inciting incident? To this David Ayer and Warner Bros. ...


Stranger Things: Kickin’ it old school and keepin’ it weird

There’s a consensus about Stranger Things that everyone reviewing the show on the internet has somehow magically come to: a Spielberg/Stephen King, 80’s homage to genre entertainment. It’s a decent description for the show, but a bit of a generalization. There are a number of tropes pulled from 80’s movies: bikes, bike lights, forests, flashlights, guys in ...


Thoughts On: Poison Study

Maria V. Snyder’s fantasy novel Poison Study has a great hook, that drew my in right away to a book that was a bit one toe in the young adult pool, other-toe-adult. I tend to avoid modern young adult literature, mostly because I’m a masochist and prefer more cumbersome tomes, but sometimes I’m a sucker for ...


Short Story Pick: ‘Sleeper’

Jo Walton’s “Sleeper” is a short and engaging read set in a future where the minds and memories of the dead can be brought back to life. A young woman studies the memories of a deceased BBC director with many secrets for a biography that she is writing. Here it is on Tor.com.


‘Space Pants’ Rock My World

This past week Peter Dinklage hosted SNL and performed this lovely little number: And, yes, Peter, your pants do blow my mind. So, in honor of the song, here are some space pants finds. Now you too can wear a “tour of the solar system”.


Spielberg Directing Ready Player One: My Entire Life Has Built Up to this Moment

Ernest Cline’s breakout novel, an ejaculation of everything nerds could ever wish for in one place, is set to be adapted into a film under the direction of Steven Spielberg. Spielberg is a breakout director whose previous credits include some relatively unknown titles like, Indiana Jones, Jaws, E.T., and Jurassic Park. Ready Player One takes place in ...

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