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This YouTube Series is the Ultimate Charming Escape

Mental health experts have recommended limiting the time we spend online and watching television during quarantine. By the time I took this advice to heart, I had already scoured all of YouTube, but- lucky for you- I managed to find the best new web series out there. Doing it Ourselves is about a family renovating ...

The YouTube Channel that Recreates History

Through a recent expedition of the internet, rambling down the endless narrows and paths that make up YouTube, I came across Crow’s Eye Production. This channel aims to give a historically accurate taste of the past through high production value videos. Ever wondered how 18th century pockets worked? Or what people actually wore during the ...

“The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy” Season Three on YouTube

A few years ago a YouTube trend sparked in adapting classic literature into modern vlog-style webseries. The first of these to really take off was The Lizzie Bennett Diaries, a contemporary adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, where the fictional Lizzie sets up a vlog as a class project and talks to the camera about her ...


“Stranger Things” goes “Peanuts”

“A Stranger Things Christmas”- something you probably didn’t know you needed in your life. Leigh Lahav and Oren Mendez created this short video for Youtube channel OnlyLeigh, where Lahav animates shorts clips of shows and pop culture. In this video Will Byers has returned from the Upside Down. Feeling altered, he turns to his friends.