The YouTube Channel that Recreates History

Through a recent expedition of the internet, rambling down the endless narrows and paths that make up YouTube, I came across Crow’s Eye Production. This channel aims to give a historically accurate taste of the past through high production value videos. Ever wondered how 18th century pockets worked? Or what people actually wore during the 14th century? This channel provides a visual- and artistic- answer to those questions.

While some of the older content on the Crow’s Eye Production channel seems to be unrelated, last fall they began publishing videos on historical dress and recently the channel has morphed into something more elegantly comprehensive.

Above is a recently posted video that encapsulates medieval life, from cow plowing to the creation of illuminated manuscripts. Made over ten years ago, we get a comprehensive overview of antiquated life.

“Lucy Locket lost her pocket, Kitty Fisher found it,” begins this video on 18th century pockets with the famous nursery rhyme and an idyllic montage of children playing in a forest. We then get an explanation of how separate pockets functioned during the time period.

A highlight of the Crow’s Eye YouTube channel is very layered visual telling of Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s “The Lady of Shalott”. The video begins at a 19th century party, where Lord Tennyson enters to deliver his famous poem. From there, the video gives us some lovely imagery to accompany the poem. See for yourself!

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