‘Black Sails’ Returns in January

The Starz original series “Black Sails” has set a January 24 release date for its second season. I recently binge-watched the first season, as I do most shows because I have no self control, and oh how those cliff hangers just keep sucking me back in. I initially began watching the show knowing little about it and expecting even less. I knew it would be a gritty portrayal of pirate life (cause it’s Starz) and I had a feeling the female perspective in the show would be lacking, even offense (cause it’s Starz). I was pleasantly surprised to find a number of strong female characters placed in this male-driven world. My favorite female character, Eleanor Guthrie played by Hannah New, is a passionate business woman running trade in Nassau, Bahamas under her father’s name. Eleanor’s journey involves having to chose between love and business, as well as maintaining control over her black market business amid much competition and back stabbing.

“Black Sails” revolves around Robert Louis Stevenson’s fictional character Captain Flint in the same universe as Treasure Island, but 20 years before the events of the book. The creators of this show have taken the relatively little known about Captain Flint and the past of Long John Silver and creatively woven an intricate tale.

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