Star Wars, Jurassic World, and Pan Trailers

Some pretty exciting movie trailers have come out over the past couple weeks, along with many fake trailers.

Having been a huge Peter Pan fan my whole life, dating back to the live action filmed Broadway production that I watched as a kid on a regular basis, I’m pretty much all over anything related to Peter and the lost boys. This origin story looks pretty interesting. I’m excited to see Joe Wright telling of Peter Pan from the beginning, when Pan first arrives in Neverland, plus the young Captain Hook… but where did Blackbeard come from?

Wright previously directed the Pride and Prejudice (the one with Keira Knightly), which I really enjoyed, as well as Atonement (also with Keira Knightly), and Anna Karenina (again with the Keira Knightly). All pretty serious films, so we’ll see what he ends up doing with this children’s fantasy favorite.

I don’t even know about this one. Seems pretty Jurassic Park-y, plus there’s Chris Pratt dressed up like Indian Jones. Director Colin Trevorrow is a relatively new director, his only other feature film being 2012’s Safety Not Guaranteed. Critics are already raving about it superbly representing bad science in cinema and continuing that legacy.  We shall see.

I had heard rumor that the Star Wars trailer would be tied with Into the Woods on Christmas, so it was a pleasant surprise when I found out a couple weeks ago it was coming out last Friday.

Sigh. I know nothing about Star Wars VII from this trailer, which is pretty much all I want to know prior to seeing the movie next year. I’m not about to waste time dissecting every frame to try decipher the story. Many on the internet have already do that.

Fun fact: I just learned that the Batman voice around 0:50 is Andy Serkis (Planet of the Apes, Lord of the Rings). Does that mean he gets the cool new trifecta light saber?

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