Lonescapade: Peachtree Battle Antiques and Interiors

I had never heard of this little gem before, but randomly passed the antique shop driving down Peachtree Street the other day on my way to Trader Joe’s. I had to do a double take, the old storefront jumped out at me amidst the stretch of modern shopping strips. An antique itself, this building is perfect for the rare vintage finds it houses.



The store’s website proclaims: “…a circa 1900 building that’s one of the last brick storefronts along Atlanta’s grand boulevard to have survived the wrecking ball. It still faces Peachtree Road, and it’s still dripping with ivy and charm after 100 years.” How can you not be charmed?



I found a variety of items inside, from china sets to a hutch made out of a book press to old opera glasses. Many of the items can be quite pricey, but you can certainly find reasonably priced smaller items, like books and trinket boxes.



I love this little leather-bound family photo album that I came across with a picture of a couple gazing at each other and filled with little keepsakes.



I found a couple treasures to take home with me, in two vintage books, both published by Harvard Classics in 1910. I’ve recently started collecting rare/old books and felt I’d enjoying pursuing these. One is Voyages and Travels, with non-fiction tales from around the world and through history with writings from Herodotus and Sir Francis Drake. The other is titled Epic and Saga, a collection of classic epic poetry, including Beowulf. 

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