New Blog Title!

So, for the past two and a half years my blog has been “Loner Shark”. That was a great name for a while and I associate it with my entrance into the blogging world and the start of this blog, however for some time now that just hasn’t felt like an appropriate title. It was more of a title that sounded cool to me when I decided to start this blog, but I’ve never felt that it really fit.

Lacking inspiration for anything better, I just kind of sat with it for a while… until a few weeks ago. Someone told me recently that I seem like “I’m living on Neptune” because I have a tendency to space-out and get caught up in my own little world. Maybe they’re right. Maybe I am living on Neptune. And to be honest it’s not too bad out here on the other blue planet, although a little cold.

Playing around with a title that included “Neptune”, “Neptune Your Dial” popped into my head and has stuck with me.

This blog has been evolving a lot over the past few months and I’m starting to feel really comfortable with my voice here. For a long time I used “Loner Shark” as a sort of mask and didn’t really mix much of my personal life or myself into it, keeping a cold arms-length. I’m wanting that to change, and it has been more and more, especially with my Lonescapade posts, which I’m going to find a way to incorporate under the new change. Also, receiving so much positive feedback from other bloggers and readers has encouraged me to take more risks in finding my blogger voice.

“Loner Shark” definitely relates to me. I am a loner and have always felt comfortable spending my time in solitude, but of course not always. I think this new name will be a better fit.

Big thank you to everyone who has liked and commented on my posts and followed me! I really appreciate the support and interaction!

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