The Nostalgia Head’s Plight

We who love the old and dream of bygone days carry a burden. We stroll through antique stores, used bookstores and collector shops with an urge to rescue all those abandoned items. We stop and think to ourselves- If I buy another Remington typewriter, will I cross into hoarder territory? How many more rare books will fit on my bookshelf, coffee table, hearth, desk?

The Nostalgia Head constantly faces the dilemma of what to take home and what to leave at the showroom. It’s trying. Those remnants of the past call to us, longing for a new home. We hear those calls and, likewise, long to bring them into our lives. They are beautiful after all, carrying stories and histories that we can only cook up in our (active) imaginations.

Looking at the world through a nostalgic lens gives everything a sentimentality. I see Mario and think of summer afternoons at my friends’ house growing up or see a photo of a medieval castle, reminding me of the castle my backyard tree house became in my mind. These things are tinged with memories or a certain feeling, giving us a vessel to reminisce on a happy moment.

While we can’t take all these old things home with us, we Nostalgia Heads feel a little lighter among them as we peruse our favorite museum or sift through a cart of used NES games. Sometimes we leave them for the next nostalgic peruser and sometimes we can’t bear to leave them behind.


  1. I’ve found that the trick is buying new stuff when you are younger, as time goes by you find you have acquired lots of nostalgia – it pretty much sticks to you. Younger folks will come around and look at you and you remind them of another time. 😀

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