NYD’s Top 8 Posts of 2018

It’s interesting to go back and compare my posts from year to year, allowing me to take inventory of how Neptune Your Dial evolves and potential changes for the coming year. This year, I noticed a shift in content as well as a clearer idea of what I want this blog to represent. I have started focussing more on literature, travel and nostalgia (as the tagline suggests), but I’ve also made my posts a lot more personal. I added the new series “This Week in Liz” (though, it has yet to become a weekly series) and have discussed aspects of my personal life from struggles to advice.

Looking ahead, I’d like to bring back some things in 2019, including more Lonescapades and Digital Discoveries. I also want to add more travel pieces, videos and possibly some original fiction.

Now, without further ado, here are the top 8 posts of 2018…

  1. Thirty, Nerdy and Thriving: Accomplishments and goals for the next decade
  2. Completing Jane Austen’s Six
  3. Literary and Bookish Places in Atlanta
  4. Lonescapade: My First Solo Trip
  5. The Nostalgia Head’s Plight
  6. A Day in Concord, MA: Home of Transcendentalism and Classic American Literature
  7. Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival
  8. The Mirror of Erised: What is Your Heart’s Desire?


Have suggestions for the types of posts you’d like to see from NYD next year? Leave a comment!

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