Monthly Wrap: May 2018

Monthly Wrap is my monthly post about recent happenings and things I’m loving or just feel like sharing. In other words, whatever happens to be taking up space in my brain. Here’s where my head has been recently:


MomoCon is an annual convention in Atlanta, celebrating video games, anime and other nerdy things. I had the pleasure of attending for the second year in a row. My cosplay was Tinkerbell!

Little Women on PBS

The new three episode miniseries, adapted from Louisa May Alcott’s American classic, aired on PBS this month. Little Women has been a long-time favorite book of mine, so I was eagerly anticipating this series. Check out my review here.


I started a meditation practice a few months ago, but recently I have been enjoying the Headspace app. It’s great for those who are new to meditation as it offers guided sessions and series’ on different topics from relaxation to managing stress. You can try a few courses for free on the app, but to get the full package it is a subscription service.

Botanical Journaling

Even though I really don’t need another hobby, earlier this month I became interested in nature journaling- mostly through Instagram photos of pretty travelers notebooks. I’m a nature lover and a hiker, so I’ve been bringing a little sketchbook along during my outdoor activities to sketch the leaves and flowers I see along the way. I took a number of fine arts and drawing classes in college, but it has been a while since I picked up a sketchbook. I’m learning to flex my artistic muscle again.

If you’re interested in nature journaling, I’ve found a lot of inspiration from Jordan Clark and John Muir Laws.

Can’t Stop Starting Books!

For some reason I keep starting new books before I finish the last. This is a problem I thought I had overcome a few years ago, but I let myself take a pause from reading Emma to begin The Fifth Season, while I was already rereading Walden– basically things spiraled out of control from there. It certainly doesn’t help that, after watching the miniseries, I started rereading Little Women this week as well… woops.

This Week in Liz

A new series began on NYD this month, “This Week in Liz“, where I will discuss more personal details of my life, thoughts I have been having and reflections I want to share. Stayed tuned for more posts like this!

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