“Stranger Things” goes “Peanuts”

“A Stranger Things Christmas”- something you probably didn’t know you needed in your life. Leigh Lahav and Oren Mendez created this short video for Youtube channel OnlyLeigh, where Lahav animates shorts clips of shows and pop culture. In this video Will Byers has returned from the Upside Down. Feeling altered, he turns to his friends.


The Ways I love Each Adapted Elizabeth Bennet

Elizabeth Bennet- not only does she have the best forename in existence (I might be biased), she is also one of the most beloved heroines of classic literature. Somehow Elizabeth has stood against time as an adored protagonist and as she continues to be adapted in various media forms (comics, webseries, movies), I never tire of her. ...


Nintendo Switch Reveal

Nintendo’s new console has finally been revealed along with a trailer. The artist formally known as the “NX” will be called Nintendo Switch, both a home and handheld console. The hybrid can be played from the comfort of your couch or on the go… or on a plane, in a field, walking the dog like the ...


Westworld Episode One: “The Original” Review

I had forgotten that Westworld was premiering on HBO, but randomly managed to catch it Sunday night, a pleasant surprise to wrap the weekend. All I could really remember from the trailer was sci-fi and animatronics, or something like that. What I got was a more complex question about the realities we live in and ...


Things I Want Right Now

I’m a dreamer and I like to imagine that I can afford things. Sometimes that dream becomes a reality and I buy things I can’t afford, but when that’s not happening I like to scavenge the internet and nearby novelty shops (like Box Lunch or 2nd & Charles or Half Price Books). Here’s a wish list ...

Anime Weekend Atlanta

AWA is wrapping up today, the 21st year for the con. Every year the Renaissance Waverly Hotel and Cobb Galleria in Smyrna, Georgia hosts Anime Weekend Atlanta at the end of September, a con for Japanese culture and anime. This is a great con if you want something smaller that Dragon Con, but with a similar feel. Of ...


Reading Anne of Green Gables: Chapters 1-5

Netflix announced it will adapt L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables into an eight episode series coming in 2017. As a child, I watched the 1985 miniseries adaptation staring Megan Follows with my grandparents. They had a strange obsession with Anne of Green Gables and would laugh through our screenings like every viewing was their first. ...

Weekend in NYC

I had a great weekend, spent in New York City. I feel like I accomplished a lot in just two days of travel. Here are some of those things:

Dragon Con 2016

This post is about a week late, but I wanted to say something about my Dragon Con experience this year and how much I love this con!! Now my fourth year attending the annual Atlanta convention, this year was a very different experience than previous years. For one thing, the past two years I had films that ...


Best King Arthur Adaptations

It’s pretty amazing that the King Arthur legends have been around for about fifteen centuries- entertaining global audiences for nine- and still hold up today. Storytellers have drawn out many narratives from Arthurian legends, using various character point of views and a variety of mediums. Next year a new Arthurian film is set to release, ...

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